• November 1, 2019


    The shareholders of Domo Activos will decide whether to change the REIT regime
November 1, 2019

The shareholders of Domo Activos will decide whether to change the REIT regime

The Company’s Board of Directors is proposing to shareholders that it opt out of the REIT regime to enhance the profitability of the projects and the flexibility of the investments.

Domo Activos will offset the lost tax benefits through faster returns for its shareholders.

Domo Activos will continue to be listed on the MAB, the ideal environment to grow the Company.

At the next General Shareholders’ Meeting on 19 December, the company’s Board of Directors will propose opting out of the REIT regime and shifting the company’s activity to focus primarily on the development aspect.

The ultimate goal of this proposal is to address the desire of a majority of the Company’s shareholders to make the projects profitable sooner. Domo Activos plans to offset the tax advantages lost by opting out of the REIT regime through faster returns from asset rotation and by making any planned investments more flexible, resulting in a policy of recurring dividends that should be more appealing to shareholders.

Opting out of the REIT regime would not entail delisting the shares from the Market; rather, the company will request a change in trading segment, specifically to that of Expanding Companies. The Company regards the MAB as the ideal, best and most suitable platform to help it expand and grow as a small company. The Company has a clear and stated intent to obtain the highest return on its investments in the real estate market, in order to distribute it in the form of dividends to its

shareholders. And it seeks to do this while adhering to the transparency, market discipline and corporate governance policies required by virtue of being traded on the market.

The General Shareholders’ Meeting will decide on expanding the corporate purpose, opting out of the special tax regime, amending the bylaws, the request to change the segment where the Company’s shares will be traded, and the proposed capital reduction as part of an offer to purchase shares that provides a window of liquidity to those shareholders who require it.

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