Project management that demonstrates how combining interests provides access to great investment opportunities.

Specialists in real estate management

Domo is one of the most important real estate project managers in the sector in Spain. It specializes in residential real estate development and has a highly specialized and experienced team of professionals. It conducts business throughout Spain.


Domo Group

Domo manages real estate projects, making available to its clients all the experience and professionalism of its team of experts. Its work covers every phase of a real estate development project.


Establish and manage investment vehicles, from defining the most appropriate corporate structure to attract assets and capital, to the rotation and divestment of assets. Identify the best opportunities in lots and buildings.


Advise during the purchase or sale of assets, providing or coordinating due diligence in urban development, technical, environmental, legal and other areas.

Full Service

Combine all the services needed to manage new or renovated properties, from project design, licenses and permits, to cost and quality assurance, etc.

Rental and Sale

Consult on the rental or sale of real estate, analyzing the market, setting prices, looking for clients, drafting contracts, etc.

Generate value

Manage the operation of the assets in the portfolios in order to create value, maximize income, reduce costs, control risks, etc.


Supervise or manage the maintenance of the buildings and their facilities: administration, relationship with tenants, collections, repairs, etc.

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